1897 Interlinear Translation of the Hebrew Old Testament

Introducing the Free, Online, 1897 edition of "The Interlinear Translation of the Hebrew Old Testament -- Part I: Genesis and Exodus" with "The King James Version" and "The New Revised Version" printed along side.


Included now are the Title page, the back of the Title page, and Genesis chapters 1 through 10.

As you will see, this book is rapidly deteriorating.  Though not as old as the 1839 Biblia Hebraica it appears to have been a library book for a number of years and has experienced at least one attempt at repair before I purchased it.  Over time I hope to scan (and thus preserve) the remaining chapters of Genesis and Exodus.  For now I hope you will enjoy this resource.

As my confidence in speaking Hebrew increases I may include audio clips that will be hyper-linked to each sentence. These resources are a contribution to the online community and will remain free as long as I am able to provide them.  May the Lord bless you in your studies.

One final note:  Like the 1839 Biblia Hebraica, this Interlinear utilize the DjVu technology provided by AT&T.  The DjVu plug-in is now available from DjVu.org.


1897 Interlinear Translation of the Hebrew Old Testament

(Genesis I through X)

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