Recommended DjVu Settings for Reading

With a right-click on any DjVu print window you can select settings that will affect the quality and clarity of the printed material.  On a 17" monitor set to 800x600 resolution with DjVu zoomed to 150% you should be able to fit the text of one page from right to left, and about 2/3rds of the page from top to bottom.  Zoomed to 150% you should be able to clearly read all text on the page, including the text on the portion of the page bent towards the binding.  If your monitor is of a lower or higher resolution try 150% zoom first.  Experiment with the settings to see what works best for you.

Now you can enjoy even more of this 160 year-old rare 1839 Biblia Hebraica.  As of 27 Febraury 1999 all of Genesis is now scanned and online.  I will continue adding pages to this site until I reach my 10MB disk quota.  Currently the 116 pages now online take up about 3.8 MB.

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