Hebrew Language Resources

This page provides tools that have helped me to learn Biblical Hebrew, starting with the letters of the Alphabet. If you are interested in modern Hebrew I highly recommend the classes offered at http://www.hebrewonline.com. I have taken these classes and benefited greatly.

There are also many modern tools that I utilize today that are far better than when this site was initially created. Time constraint prohibit me from making updates that the site desparately needs but I still hope that you will find it useful. If you are ready for more advanced Biblical Hebrew study, nothing I have found can compare with the HALOT lexicon and BHS text that can be purchased from www.logos.com. (They don't pay me to say that, and they sell plenty of books I don't use and some I disagree with, but it is an outstanding tool that I use almost daily.)

Finally, in the past I've recieved considerable criticism for being so obviously "Mormon", and you will find references to my faith and adherence to the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints throughout the site. I invite you to learn more. When life was less busy I used to entertain the critics -- it was often fun and a great growing experience for both them and I. Now however my time is too limited and I am sure they will be better served spending their time with real scholars such as my friends at the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research. Simply put they are brilliant and thourough and frankly the critics can't begin to match them in scholarly honesty and completeness. As for me, I know that what I believe is true, because God has revealed it to me just as he has to millions of others, and just as he will to all who ask with pure intent, having demonstrated the prerequisite faith. We come from a position of strength that typically leaves nothing for the most ardent critics to use except for the age-old tactics of ad hominem attacks and dishonesty, but for those who have serious questions -- whose life goal is not to tear down the faith of others, please know we do have the answers and they are solid. The FAIRLDS website is one of the best resources for you whether you are a critic or a member. For everyone else the mormon.org link below is perfect.

It is my sincere hope that the tools here will be useful and that the God of Heaven will bless you in your love of Him and this great ancient language that when studied brings the Scriptures to life!
visit mormon.org.
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